Steam Unchained

Description: Steam Unchained searches 82 databases of popular Reverse Engineering teams such as NOSteam, 3DM, Skidrow, and many others and makes one large collection of all the games. It usually parses over 5000 PC games from all the databases with all the latest updates, the video below will show you how to use it. Keep in mind that while it only uses trusted teams databases, Steam Unchained doesn't test every game, and isn't responsible for any games you download. 

1. Download Steam Unchained
2. Select the game you want and press install.
3. Once the download is complete extract and play your game.
4. Have fun :)

Update 4.0 Patch Notes
-Fixed runtime 64 bit Errors, 64 bit now fully supported 
-Enhanced download speed and cleaned up the GUI
-Enhanced Graphical user interface experience 
-added 120 new games like Witcher 3 and GTA V, ect.
-added Codom compilation
-Added Auto Steam patcher
-updated 76 games

Update 3.15 Patch Notes
-Changed Entire layout to run smoother
-added 70 new games like dying light, ect.
-updated 26 games

Update 2.17 Patch Notes
-fixed 1004 error for steam setting but stand alone is still recommended
-added 52 new games
-updated 46 games

If you guys have any problems please watch the video below